Why Astronauts Float In the International Space Station?? ย ย 

Hello good people!! Have you ever ask yourselves that why people float at the Iinternational Space Station while working??  Alright, let’s find out.
At the space station the astronauts feel the 90% gravity of earth’s… which means not so much different from us on the surface. So how do they float around the earth and do those cool EVA(extra vehicular activity)?? 

Well, for instance, when you drop something from a building.  It hits directly to the floor. But what if there is no floor to to stop that thing?. Exactly…, that thing will fall down without getting hit by any obstacles but air. Air will push that thing up and gravity will pull down it. Now if you give that thing enough velocity to move so much fast that could prevent the thing to reach the floor. And that means really so fast.

And this same thing happens on the astronauts when they are on the ISS. The Int. Space station falls towards the earth for its gravitational force.  But the station runs at an  ORBITAL SPEED  Which is an angular velocity so fast that even with no lift, even while falling, they don’t. 

Because the Earth literally curves away from them as fast as they fall towards it.According to Newton’s Law gravity makes things fall.

In particular gravity accelerate that object towards the Earth in same amount independently how fast they move horizontally. Its called relativity. Of course orbiting is falling. But moving horizontally fast enough that the Earth curves away from you faster. In order to successfully fall and miss,you need to go at 5 miles per second speed.  this is actually they are doing on ISS. It is a common misconception that astronauts float around and they feel weightlessness because there is no gravity there. But there is plenty of gravity there. Like I said before… there is pretty much the same gravity is currently operating on you right now….while you a reading this. This tremendous speed helps the ISS to circle the earth into a certain orbit and so the other satellites on space.

A view from the “International Space Station”
Remember,, if you you build skyscraper all tthe way up where the int. space station orbits at 230 miles high and then walk on the roof of it!!!! You will feel only 10% less G than now you are feeling. But the Int. Space Station would be whizzing by at 17000 miles/hour.. It has to. Because they are falling. So .. But actuat they are feeling 0-G. Where Gravity is acceleration felt as weight. Felt because other forces on the surface like floors , structures, lift etc is acting against “G”. So that G hurts. ๐Ÿ˜œ

If you wanna experience this 0-G feelings…Get into an elevator, then unchain the lines from it’s operator machine  ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ.. and then no other force but Gravity will work on you, so you will fall to the surface, meanwhile you will feel that you are floating!!. But there is another difference between space travel and this suicidal experiment. Since there is no atmosphere in space so cosmonauts or astronauts don’t feel the air pressure against the G force. So they don’t even feel their friction with atmosphere.  So its simple that their is a good reason that why they don’t get afraid of crashing on Earth. But on Earth’s surface if you try to feel 0-G you will obviously feel air friction. So you feel that you are falling. Afterall you don’t have enough velocity to protect you so be careful before doing such experiment. ๐Ÿ˜‚.  Do you know??- For training astronauts to experience weightlessness before space missions, and tests…. NASA train their astronauts of 0-G, by doing this kind of  training. 

Training of NASA Astronauts

The astronauts will get suited then board on a plane. The pilot of that plane takes the plane at a certain altitude and then shut down the engine. So the plane starts falling at 9.8m/s of acceleration. They starts floating…
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Source -Michael’s Channel (VSAUCE)

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